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How Franchisors will need to change

after the COVID-19 impact

As Provincial Governments allow businesses to reopen, your company needs to have preparations in place to assist and direct all franchise stakeholders. The post COVID-19 style of conducting business will affect every franchisee, regardless of industry sector. As a Franchisor, it is your responsibility to provide leadership and guidance to your franchisees that are working within your system to Re-Establish your BRAND.

Network Franchising International [NFI] can assist you with this leadership and provide the necessary guidance, ideas, and tools to navigate these turbulent times. We have the experienced people, resources and solutions to put your franchise network back on the track to rebuild your growth. Many locations will need lease restructuring. We can help here too.


Network has developed specific COVID-19 impact programs to get franchisors off to a quicker restart. This strategy includes effective new ideas to generate new franchise sales growth and help improve the sales in existing locations.


Post COVID-19, the content of your operations and training manuals will need to be updated to address these changes and in-store signage must define a whole new interaction standard between staff and the consumer while also introducing new safety precautions.


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