Jiffy Lube


Hamilton & Guelph, Ontario


About the Resales:
- Excellent locations
- Excellent sales history
- Below Market Rents
- Fantastic lease details
- Low franchise fees


Price: Inquire Within

This is a unique business opportunity, Rockcliff Auto has been extremely successful over the past 35 years.


For more information Please contact:

Brian Blakeley 

brian@nfi.ca | 416-606-8200

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For more information Contact:

Brian@nfi.ca • 1-800-293-4929 ext 229 

Operate a high quality pre-owned car store with seasoned industry professionals helping guide you along the success path. An automotive sales business has traditionally been a business that is accessible to a small highly financed and highly entrepreneurial sector. High cost of inventory, challenges with alternative customer financing options, and a lack of proven successful templates to follow has kept many interested parties from pursuing this reliable retail option.

As a pre-owned car and truck retailer, you will offer prime quality vehicles to a highly motivated customer base. What makes you different, is your

vehicle selection training, and exclusive access to financing options for inventory and customers.


In more detail, here are the components that make a Rockcliff Auto® store a winner in the marketplace:


Premium Inventory
We know how to buy vehicles and at what price they will
sell quickly. Our 30 year business history has given us some
unique insights that we will immediately share with you.


Inventory Financing
A lack of financing for vehicle stock purchases has limited the
growth of some retailers. Part of our franchise package is an
introduction to exclusive finance options.


Customer Financing
Rockcliff Auto® has established an exclusive relationship with
a financing source. Aggressive customer approval will ensure
that you get the sales that other retailers miss out on.


Franchisees Receive:

  • Site Selection Assistance

  • Exclusive Access to Inventory Financing

  • Exclusive Access to Customer Financing

  • Full Ongoing Support

  • Tested Marketing Program

  • Customer Friendly Website

  • Comprehensive Training

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Guelph, Ontario


Hamilton, Ontario