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Working with Hector Marsilio

Hector Marsilio’s extensive and successful professional background, deep and genuine interest in people success, and real life industry experiences has shaped the way he conducts his Consulting work. Working with Hector is never a short-term experience, more often than not the interaction will continue over a much longer timeline.


For prospective Franchisees whether as new arrivals in self employment via franchising looking to get a clearer understanding of what lies ahead... or for current franchisees looking to finalize more complicated Franchising and business expansion decisions, Hector’s expertise has inevitably helped them better understand and navigate through what is a very confusing environment and decision process at the best of times.

For established and / or “new” Franchisors, Hector’s deep background in strategic management and franchise and business development will ensure a cost effective, passionate partner in the execution and achievement of any Franchisor’s franchise expansion plan…

Hector E. Marsilio

Sr. Associate Franchise  Consultant 

Business Development

Hector Marsilio.jpg

What Hector Marsilio brings to the table

Hector Marsilio’s professional background is as extensive as it is diverse spanning a variety of industries including senior marketing management roles with confectionery and food manufacturing businesses, with such well-known leading Canadian brands as Life Savers, Robin Hood Multifoods and Colgate Palmolive. These experiences paving the way for a seasoned professional and successful entry into the Franchise World. Over a 20 plus year span since entering the franchise industry, Hector Marsilio has successfully owned and operated Franchised businesses. Later as VP Franchise and Business Development Hector played a major role in growing Second Cup’s market leading position as Canada’s largest Specialty Coffee franchise chain to over 400 cafes. He eventually launched his own Franchise Marketing Consulting Boutique firm in association with the larger and well established Network Franchising International [NFI] group.

Hector's Accolades

I have been associated with Hector Marsilio for a very long time both as a Buyer / Investor to a Vendor of several stores. Regardless of the assignment, Hector has always delivered and then some.. His deep knowledge, experience and professionalism has always been in display in the way he interacted with us. Never late, always pro-active, always looking after our interest and always delivered.  A very honest, trustworthy individual making every interaction easy and comfortable no matter how complicated the mandate may have been. His primary interest always been to meet our expectations – A true Franchising professional in every sense. We will always and only be dealing with him for all our future franchising needs.

- Shahz Amooyan, Multi Unit Second Cup Franchisee

This letter is to advise you that I have been working directly with Mr. Hector E. Marsilio since 2014 as our

main source to identify and recruit potential franchise candidates throughout Ontario market for the

growth and expansion of our La Prep concept.


During this period, he has proven to be instrumental in identifying key professional franchise candidates

who met and or exceeded our selection criteria for the development of La Prep. His in-depth knowledge

and understanding of the franchise business have proven to be an incredibly positive asset to our organization. His professionalism, commitment, and drive to succeed along with his ability to working

with our Team has proven to be extremely beneficial for all parties involved.


He fully understands the terms and conditions as outlined in Arthur Wishart Act (Ontario Franchise

Disclosure) along with all the procedures and processes necessary to ensure that every franchise

candidate receives the appropriate information related to the franchise opportunity so that they can make

an informed decision in being a part of our success story.


We remain extremely committed to working with Hector and his franchise service company for our future

franchise needs. Now that we're also ready to launch Chaska brand for franchising, we are looking

forward to getting Hector involved in sourcing qualified candidates for our Indian street food concept.

I would strongly recommend any other company to utilize his professional services for their needs as he

will prove to be a tremendous asset.

 - Naveen Seth, President & CEO, Seth Commercial Corp, [La Prep]

Hector & I worked together at Second cup & Aroma Espresso Bar (Canada). What I respect most about Hector is his firm & direct approach to clients (Prospects & Brands), explaining processes and holding hands where necessary with resales or new locations. 


His “Hands On” approach from start to finish puts clients at ease to better negotiate deals.. with a wealth of years of knowledge & connections behind him he easily gets more resources if/when needed.
- Sam Wadera, Franchisor [Aroma COO] , Franchisee [Second Cup Multi Unit Franchisee]

I met Hector when I was looking to buy a business. Hector was the selling broker for the business I was looking at and during my first meeting itself with Hector, I was highly impressed by Hector's overall business and franchise industry knowledge. I liked Hector's transparent and unbiased suggestions, a characteristic any entrepreneur would appreciate when taking the risk of buying a business. 


My trust for Hector's opinion can be gauged from the fact that I hired Hector to help me evaluate multiple business opportunities I was looking at that time. Hector provided great insights as my business assessment consultant and I am glad I took Hector's advice. The business I eventually purchased was also reviewed by Hector and he provided me some very insightful and practical tips on how to thoroughly evaluate that business. The business I bought involved a high number of cash transactions and I was wondering how I can validate that aspect of the business, but thanks to Hector, he suggested a way that sounded quite simple but proved to be effective in my final evaluation.


I would highly recommend Hector for any business sale or purchase. He has not only comprehensive knowledge and experience in the franchise industry but also in the non-franchise industry.

- Atul Sharma, Entrepreneur

Hector's Business Listings

Hector's Business Listings

Presse Café Downtown Downtown Toronto


For Sale

La Prep Concord Gate Toronto


For Sale

Toronto “Artisanal” French Bakery Café For Sale


For Sale

La Prep Bistro In Toronto Tower For Sale


For Sale

Highly Confidential Unique Au Pain Doré Business Resale Opportunity!


For Sale

FULLY PROMOTED - Leading International Marketing Services Business Across CANADA


For Sale



For Sale

Au Pain Doré Multi-unit Opportunities


Au Pain Doré GTA Single Store Opportunities



Aroma Espresso Bar Toronto For Sale


For Sale

La Prep Social Bistro Matheson


For Sale

Presse Cafe Newmarket & Niagara Falls

For Sale

Chaska Indian Street Food - Atrium on Bay Toronto


For Sale

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