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Virtual Messenger

Revolutionary Hologram Imaging Technology

Imagine… being instantly distracted by an attractive and engaging personality. You make eye contact and suddenly you are involved in a one-on-one interaction. Just as quick, you become aware that this is actually an impressive and convincing simulation of a real person somehow created and projected in front of you. Is it a hologram or a 3-D simulation?

Only by looking closer, can you get the idea that what you see only exists through the unique Virtual Messenger™advanced technology. 
Activated by motion sensors, the apparition is being projected onto translucent reflective film. This magic film is applied to a critically milled thickness of industrial acrylic cut into the shape of the presenter. The filmed presenter is able to deliver the message within the confines of the molded shape adding to the illusion of a real live person talking to you. 
Welcome to the incredible world of theVirtual Messenger™.

Barbara Frank

C: 905-279-9535


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