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Mister Transmission has kept Canadians on the road with expert service and quality repairs since 1963. We’ve spent the last 55 years building trust and a strong reputation with our customers. Today, we are the leading choice and largest chain of transmission specialists in Canada. Consumer trends today indicate that Canadians are more willing to trust a chain of stores than an independent “one-off” shop. Particularly in the automotive industry, consumers tend to trust the names they know best. Mister Transmission is famous for quality repairs, expert service and outstanding warranty protection. We are specialists, not generalists, with limited competition – and that is what sets us apart from all other automotive aftermarket brands. 


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Mister Transmission - Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan FOR SALE

Address: 525 44th St. E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0V9  - Please do not contact the location. 
REDUCED PRICE: $795K (was:$950K)
Price Includes: 
Plus you can also purchase the real estate!

This is the most successful and profitable Transmission shop in Saskatoon. 
Transmission Shop has been in business since 1979. 
The shop will be converted to a Mister Transmission Franchise. 
This is a unique opportunity to purchase an extremely profitable business plus prime real-estate. 

The 2021 annual sales are over $1,400,000 
With an Annual EBITDA over $350K 

Fantastic location, with great visibility. 
This shop has tremendous potential, looking for a hands-on owner with good business management skills. 
6 Bay Shop 
Great working hours: Monday to Friday 8am –5 pm 
Great opportunity for an experienced businessperson 
Mister transmission will provide extensive training and continuous support to ensure your success. 

Location Services: 
At Mister Transmission Saskatoon, we offer competitive pricing on all transmission and driveline repairs and services including: 
· Transmission Servicing 
· Computer Diagnostics (Scan) 
· Transmission Flush 
· Imports & Domestics 
· Automatics & Standards 
· Allison Transmissions 
· Transfer Cases & 4×4 Systems 
· Differentials 
· Clutches 
· Heavy Duty Application (Towing) 
· CV Axles 
· Drive Shafts 
· U-Joints 
· Wheel Bearings & Hub Assemblies 
· Front Ends 
· Coolers 
· Specializing in Hot Rod & Racing Applications 

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