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Owning a successful restaurant business doesn’t mean that living your life has to wait until retirement. With La Prep you have a choice to operate your business Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm in an office tower location; choose a street front location to operate from 7am – up to 9pm; a mall location to work the mall hours; or own a hospital/institutional type of location. Based on your personal needs, you may choose a location that best suits your balanced lifestyle.

With over 42 locations across Canada in various key markets, we introduced our new La Prep Social Bistro concept alongside our slogan “Find Your Balance” in 2018. The Social Bistro concept provides our guests with a complete experience rather than being a place just to get a meal. Our open kitchen concept and enhanced food display enables our guests to interact with their food at every step of the way, to eat with the eyes and savour the aromas. La Prep’s new contemporary yet inviting ambiance enhances the overall experience of our guests. Our goal is simple: to inspire people to find their balance, whether it’s empowering customers to choose their perfect meal or providing the ideal spot to socialize with one another through great food.


La Prep

OAKVILLE HOSPITAL - Oakville - Ontario

Price: $498,000

Address: 3001 Hospital Gate Unit 8, Oakville, ON L6M 0L8

(Please do not contact the location)


Price includes FULL RENOVATION of approx. $150,000


• The only sit-down cafe/bistro available within the hospital.
• Located across from the main elevators and hospital pharmacy.
• Over 3500 faculty staff and volunteers at the hospital.
• 320 beds at present, with the plans to expand up to 486 beds.
• Tremendous catering potential within the hospital and surrounding area.​

For more information on the La Prep opportunities please contact:

Hector Marsilio | 

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Matheson Blvd. E - Mississauga - Ontario

Price: $388,000

Address: 2325 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga, ON (Please do not contact the location)

Size: 2,575 sq. ft.

  • Price includes fully updated Social Bistro design

  • Located at Airport Corporate Centre with over 50,000 daytime workers in the area

  • Head Offices for companies such as Pepsico, Campbell's, Nissan, Hershey, Bell and more

  • Tremendous catering potential and new business growth potential with new office buildings and warehouses being constructed in the area

For more information on the La Prep opportunities please contact:

Hector Marsilio | 


Corus Quay  | Dockside - Toronto - Ontario

•    Price includes fully updated Social Bistro design

•    At the main entrance of Corus offices with access from street and within the building

•    George Brown campus next door with 3000 students, faculty & staff

•    Surrounded by office towers and residential condos

•    Next to Sugar Beach, a popular Toronto summer attraction

•    Tremendous catering opportunity in and around

Price: $448,000
*Price includes a fully renovated store

Type of Location: Office Building
Size of Location 1445 sq ft (plus 186 sq ft)

For more information on the La Prep opportunities please contact:

Hector Marsilio | 

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