Place De Ville

Property Name

Place De Ville

For Sale

Property Location

330 Sparks St., Ottawa, ON K1A 0N8, Canada


Property Description

Size: 578 sq. ft. approximately
Type: In Line
Security: 10,000
Term: 5 Years with 5 Year Option
Royalty: 1 % of Lottery Sales + $600 per
month + Taxes
Gross Rent: Estimated $4,408 monthly plus
applicable taxes, plus Utilities

The store is located on the concourse level of Place
de Ville II (Towers C & Podium) – a large office
complex consisting of 3 office towers and 1 podium
tower which are all linked via a below grade retail
concourse and parking garage
Access to Transitway and dedicated roadways for
OC Transpo
Convenient to the O-Train Bayview station that is
fully integrated with OC Transpo's bus service
Concourse level connects to major area hotels
Underground parking facilities for 681 vehicles

Contact Agent

Bruno Piva


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