Chaska Indian Street Food - Toronto Waterfront

Chaska Indian Street Food - Toronto Waterfront



Chaska Indian Street Food - Toronto Waterfront


• Brand new waterfront mixed-development (commercial and residential) with European inspired space for restaurants and retail shops
• Right across from George Brown College and office buildings including Corus entertainment to attract
large crowds
• Dedicated patio space along side of location
• Great opportunity for catering and delivery to residential and office spaces in the surrounding area

Asking Price: $469,000.00* *Price does not include inventory (approx. $7,500)
Type of Location: Street Front in mixed development

About Chaska:

We offer a different take on Indian food that is both delicious and fresh, prepared daily using savoury spices, with flavourful herbs and marinades in place of rich and heavy sauces.

All of our recipes have been developed with passion, and spiced to perfection. We invite you to be a food explorer at CHASKA, and make Indian street food your obsession.

Please do not contact the location.
for more information please contact Hector Marsilio.