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Brioche Dorée - 222 Bay St. Toronto

Brioche Dorée - 222 Bay St. Toronto


Brioche Dorée - 222 Bay St. Toronto


Brioche Dorée is a French-inspired urban café bakery with over 40 years’ successful international experience offering it’s dynamic, urban clientele what they want most… always fresh, high-quality products, readily prepared on site.
With over 600 locations world wide, and a very strong and loyal customer following everywhere, Brioche Dorée is now aggressively expanding its Toronto presence with exceptional “new” Tier 1 locations in Downtown Toronto… Now available:

222 Bay Street, in the TD Centre
Total investment $500k - $600k plus Working Capital
Price covers everything including – Construction / permits / equipment / leaseholds and training.

Brioche Dorée is excited about this tremendous location and is searching for a savvy, enthusiastic, driven to succeed Franchisee Partner to take ownership.

The successful candidate will also have the opportunity for multi-unit ownership by benefiting from growth incentives to realistically pursue multi unit ownership in a relatively shorter time frame than most other brands would allow. If / when ready to expand the Brioche Dorée Marketing, Real Estate and Operations teams will work hard and effectively to find and secure more quality locations for you.
If you feel you have what it takes, I am committed to working with you throughout the process, so don’t hesitate to contact me if interested in learning more – Hector Marsilio.

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