Bluekey Supplemental Higher Education Tutoring Franchise Resale in Toronto

Address: 1200 Bay Street, Toronto, ON Unit 202 - (Please do not contact the location.)



Bluekey has been the #1 supplemental higher education franchise in Canada. Our company has continued to expand across the country, allowing for more university students to achieve academic success each year. With our innovative classes, effective exam prep sessions, and invaluable resources, we set ourselves apart from competitors.


Using technology, we continue to invest and add new products to assist students with their education and provide franchisees with more sources of revenue. We are able to offer face-to-face lessons, online learning, and recorded lectures thanks to our technological investments.

History of Bluekey

  • Higher Education Tutoring and Learning Support 

  • 8+ Years in Business 

  • Emergence and Established from the University of Toronto 

  • First Higher Education Tutoring Service Franchised in North America 

Bluekey Toronto Details:

  • Opened in 2014

  • Training Provided

  • Located in the Biggest private offices on the floor. 

  • Rent: $2,260/month* 

  • Rent Includes: 

  • Private office plus the usage of meeting rooms & conference rooms. 

  • *($2,260/month not for the entire floor.)

  • Location Services:

  • Private Subject Lessons

  • Job Coaching

  • Tailored Test-Prep Sessions

Close Proximity To:



Estimated Total Undergrad Enrolments 60,000 +

Average Total International Students 8,000 +



Estimated Total Undergrad Enrolments 45,000 +

Average Total International Students 2,000 +



Estimated Total Undergrad Enrolments 26,000 +

Average Total International Students 4,000 +


About Bluekey

BLUEKEY EDUCATION specializes in providing first-class tutoring services for university students across North America. We believe in the potential of each and every student to learn, improve, and achieve academic success. At Bluekey, we foster a conducive environment for students to build resilience, overcome areas of weakness, and develop healthy study habits. We offer tailored exam prep sessions, personalized (1-on-1) tutoring sessions, and engaging video courses. Our comprehensive services help students obtain and maintain outstanding results.


Since its conception in September 2013, Bluekey has been dedicated to providing university students with structured solutions to meet the growing challenges of post-secondary education. With years of experience in the Canadian higher education landscape, the Bluekey team has accumulated tools and resources to help students thrive in their studies and reach their full academic potential. Our team spends countless hours ensuring that each tutoring session is customized to address all course content and to support students’ personal needs.

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Contact Bruno Piva for more information.
Cell: 416-402-1912